PGPA associated instruments and policies

decorationThe following instruments and policies of the Australian Government are currently in effect under, or support, the PGPA Act (and which entities or companies they apply to):

  Non-corporate Commonwealth entities Corporate Commonwealth entities Commonwealth companies
Guide to Appropriations
PGPA Rule 2014
Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) CCEs prescribed in section 30 PGPA Rule  
Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs)    
PGPA Financial Reporting Rule 2015  
PGPA Investment Authorisation 2014  External link   9 prescribed CCEs entitled to maintain investments under s59 of the PGPA Act  
Finance Minister’s Delegations    
Finance Minister determinations External link to establish, vary or revoke a special account (section 78 of the PGPA Act).    
Policies of the Australian Government include: Procurement related policies apply to CCEs prescribed in section 30 PGPA Rule  
Government policy orders (to apply policies of the Australian Government to corporate Commonwealth entities)  

The Finance Minister can also make determinations to adjust annual appropriations between non‑corporate Commonwealth entities (section 75 of the PGPA Act). The Finance Secretary can give written directions to Commonwealth entities (s36) and Commonwealth companies (s96) in relation to the form of Budget estimates.

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Last updated: 28 March 2017