Summary of performance and highlights

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In accordance with the enhanced Commonwealth performance framework introduced in 2015–16, Finance’s performance reporting is structured around the four purposes set out in the department’s Corporate Plan 2015–16. In previous years, performance reporting centred on our outcomes and programs. The relationship between our purposes and our outcomes and programs is shown in Appendix A.

The performance framework also requires that the annual report include annual performance statements. The annual performance statements reflect the actual results achieved against the performance criteria set out in our corporate plan and portfolio budget statements for the reporting period.


Our key priorities for 2015–16 were:

In 2015–16, Finance achieved a longstanding operational objective by co-locating most Canberra-based staff (previously accommodated across several separate tenancies) into one building. The new building creates the opportunity for our people to collaborate more easily across the organisation, and improved technology and work practices will make operations more agile and better connected and help organise people more flexibly in response to work priorities (see ‘Finance transformation program’).


Last updated: 24 October 2016