For Consultation: Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) Head Agreement and Statement of Requirement

John Sheridan - FAS Technology & Procurement

Hi all

The Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) Arrangement, used by 140 Commonwealth Departments and entities Australia-wide, is due to expire in September 2017.  The Arrangement, which has an annual turnover of approximately $38 million, has delivered savings and efficiencies to Government. This has resulted in a high level of stakeholder support for a successor arrangement.

The Department of Finance invites feedback from the SOS Industry and WoAG SOS Arrangement’s stakeholders, including Commonwealth Departments and entities, on draft documents that may form part of an open approach to market to establish a new WoAG SOS Arrangement.

A new WoAG SOS Arrangement will be set up based on value for money principles and may be for a panel of up to five suppliers required to:

  • deliver an extensive range of SOS products to Commonwealth Departments and entities at competitively discounted prices;
  • deliver SOS orders to a large range of locations across Australia;
  • provide support and management services, such as online ordering systems, helpdesk and customer catalogue development and maintenance, reports, etc;
  • provide optional SOS services such as vendor refill, warehousing and international delivery; and
  • pay the Central Administration Fee to Finance in advance of recovering these monies from Customers.

Draft SOS Head Agreement and SOR

The proposed Draft SOS Head Agreement and SOR (which includes the WoAG Reporting Specification and SOS Product List) are based on the current SOS Head Agreement, updated to incorporate stakeholder feedback and reflect the Government’s future SOS needs.

Key improvements incorporated in the proposed Draft SOS Head Agreement and SOR include:

  • consolidated Product Categories and broadened Product Specifications to increase SOS Product offerings;
  • increased Non-Mandatory Product Categories (e.g. including VIP and Facilities) and improved Product Catalogue structure, terminology;
  • reduced number Service Levels and WoAG reports, and improved reporting to meet the Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy;
  • simplified Contractor’s process for updating products; and
  • provided an Entity’s Approved Third Party Provider the option to access products and services under the Head Agreement as an Authorised Organisation.


Finance would like feedback and comments from the SOS Industry and WoAG SOS Arrangement stakeholders on the following:

  • The clarity of the SOS Product Classification definitions (Premium, House, Budget and Socially Responsible Products) outlined in the SOR.
  • The clarity of the minimum SOS Product List quantity threshold (SOR clause 5.4).
  • Key cost drivers in relation to the pricing of Products and Services, including for Optional SOS Services (e.g. Remote delivery).
  • What can be improved on or Finance can do better.

Please note that the draft Head Agreement and SOR may undergo changes following consultation, for that reason, interested suppliers and current Panelist should not rely on the statements in this blog.

Consultation on the new SOR is open until 3.00pm AEST on Monday 14 November 2016. 

Comments or suggested alternatives can be provided via the “Add new comment” section on this blog or email to

I look forward to your feedback.


Comments (2)

With regards to the proposed draft document that has been shared, we would like to provide the following feedback which may assist in better evaluating the market response to the product file for the SOS Industry and WoAG SOS Arrangement;

• Specified usage data per SKU and over what consumption period

• It would also be helpful to list manufacturer part numbers or a more specific product description to enable a clear evaluation on a like for like comparison. In addition, this would also assist suppliers to provide a premium and budget option at the best price, based on the current product you are purchasing.

• To simplify your evaluation process, we would suggest to include the quantity as per your described pack size, i.e. pack (e.g. pack of 10), box or carton.

It would be beneficial if the SOR could include the ongoing provision of stationery cabinet replenishment. It would be great if the cabinets could also be utilised by departments with smaller satellite offices (eg, our Hobart office has less than 20 staff with no administrative staff)- it would be great to have a formal cabinet arrangement in place for situations such as this as this may become more necessary in future.

It would be great if the reporting requirements could also include detailed environmental reporting.

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Last updated: 03 November 2016