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Guide to ICT Sourcing

Publication Summary

The Guide to ICT Sourcing for Australian Government Agencies was originally released in May 2004. This is a guide for Australian Government agencies that are dealing with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sourcing issues.

It was developed in response to a growing need among agencies for clear and objective information about ICT sourcing, which was recognised as a priority issue by the then Information Management Strategy Committee (IMSC) and the Chief Information Officer Committee (CIOC).

This edition

This second edition of the Guide reflects recent legislation, frameworks, publications and initiatives released by the Australian Government since the original guide was published in May 2004.

This is not a policy document or a rulebook. It is a guide that provides options and strategies for decision making about ICT sourcing. It describes how agencies might manage ICT sourcing based on a four-phase lifecycle, which starts with a decision about whether to change the current sourcing strategy and concludes with an approach for transitioning to, and managing, a new sourcing solution.

The Guide provides practical frameworks to help agencies resolve the key challenges and questions they are likely to confront. The Guide emphasises Phases I and II of the lifecycle – establishing the case for change and developing a sourcing strategy – because these have been identified as a priority for agencies, and because there are several Australian Government publications that address the other phases.

The appendices provide supporting tools and information to help agencies work through this lifecycle. In particular, Appendix A describes a tool that was developed to help agencies determine the economic value of an existing or proposed sourcing arrangement; an essential requirement during the first two phases.

Before agencies begin any ICT sourcing process, including the one presented in this guide, it is important that they are aware of the principles and policies that underpin Australian Government procurement. The Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines articulate these requirements and are available, along with other supporting material, on the this website.

Agencies can also refer to the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) web page for up-to-date information about ICT sourcing, ICT Model Contracts, user guides, tools and checklists.

This guide will be reviewed periodically to ensure it continues to address agencies’ needs and expectations and reflect developments in the marketplace.

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Full Publication

A Guide to ICT Sourcing for Australian Government Agencies PDF version [PDF Document 1.7 MB]
A Guide to ICT Sourcing for Australian Government Agencies Part 1 RTF version [RTF Document 36 MB]
A Guide to ICT Sourcing for Australian Government Agencies Part 2 RTF version [RTF Document 23 MB]

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