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What is the GITC?

GITC 4.1 is version four of the Government Information Technology and Communications contracting framework. It is a legal framework that has been developed as a cooperative effort between Australian industry representatives and the Australian Government.

GITC is based on standard Terms and Conditions for the purchase of products and services in the information technology (including major office machines) and telecommunications fields. The framework is designed to assist government buyers and industry suppliers to develop contracts in the most efficient and effective manner.

This web site therefore is principally for use by Australian Government departments and agencies and their suppliers. However, there is enough scope and flexibility in the framework for use of this material by other governments in Australia. Before using this framework, it is advisable that you check with your local government purchasing body to find out what its requirements are for IT contracting.

This version was developed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Simplifying the contracting process for the purchase of IT related products and services
  • Introducing Terms and Conditions that are written in plain English
  • Encouraging a more equitable distribution of risk between a customer and a contractor
  • Fostering consistency and predictability in contractual terms
  • Providing a web site that allows for dynamic creation of contracts for particular types of IT products and services.

GITC can be used for a range of procurement types. These include:

  • simple procurement of IT products such as PCs, servers and licensed software
  • complex procurement of IT services (and the provision of related products) such as business consultancy, systems integration and facilities management.

The framework, however, is not suitable for strategic procurement, such as IT outsourcing. This type of procurement is outside the scope of the GITC framework.

For more information about this program, refer to the GITC 4.1 framework. Alternatively please contact the Helpline.