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GITC 4 - The Framework

The Government Information Technology and Communications (GITC) contractual framework is aimed at establishing a relationship between the customer and a contractor so that ICT products and services can be supplied in the most efficient and effective manner. The current version of GITC is GITC4.

The Framework offers:

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Contract Details
  3. Appendices and Attachments to the Contract Details
  4. Categories of products and services
  5. A User Guide.


GITC4 includes a pro forma Head Agreement. For further information on its status, please see:

1. Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are designed to be standard for the majority of contracts put in place under this framework. They can assist buyers and suppliers to achieve consistency regarding the obligations of each party in any contract. Using the Terms and Conditions in their standard form can also minimise transaction time and reduce the level of resources required to approve new contracts. The Terms and Conditions can help to identify many common areas of concern for both parties, such as:

  • procedures for dispute resolution
  • indemnities
  • conflicts of interest
  • confidentiality of information
  • resources and facilities offered by either party
  • liability
  • intellectual property of information or products
  • access to premises
  • monitoring of performance.

The Terms and Conditions can be adapted for the specific needs of the contracting parties. However, the Contract Details should be used in the first instance to state the requirements.

2. Contract Details

The link between the Terms and Conditions and the Contract Details has been developed with considerable care and this relationship should not be altered without seeking professional legal advice. It is important to bear these issues in mind when working with the GITC.

The Contract Details specify the requirements for the provision of products or services. Against each heading in the document, you are prompted to specify your particular requirements of the other party to the contract. For example, against the field Warranty Period, the user inserts the amount of time for a warranty period. The Contract Details also contains references to clauses in the standard Terms and Conditions. This prompts the user to refer to these conditions while filling out the details.

3. Appendices and Attachments to the Contract Details

GITC contains a number of Appendices and Attachments used to further define the requirements for a transaction. When the Contract Details are generated, the documents of most relevance are provided for downloading and printing. For example, a contract for Software Development will contain Appendix 5 and its Attachments for an Escrow Agreement.

4. Categories of services and products

The Build a Contract facility allows you to tailor the Contract Details to include only relevant information for a contract. This tailoring is achieved by choosing the specific category (or categories) of products and services you wish to purchase or provide. The site offers you the following broad categories to choose from:

  • Consultancy services
  • Managed services
  • Software and
  • Hardware.

Each of the above categories contains particular references to clauses in the Terms and Conditions. These references in turn are provided in the Contract Details. Therefore, when you build a contract, the Contract Details is generated to contain only the clauses that are particular to the requirements of the contract.

5. The User Guide

The User Guide provides an explanation of how to use the Terms and Conditions and, to some extent, how to apply the Head Agreement and fill out the Contract Details.

Please note that the information in the User Guide is merely for the benefit of users writing a contract and should not be used in any circumstances to interpret the contract or be considered as any form of representation to a contractor.