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GITC 4 - Head Agreement

Please note

In July 2005, the Department of Finance and Administration issued a Deed of Variation to the GITC4 Head Agreement (HA) to all Chief Financial Officers. The Variation noted that under clause 8 of the HA that variations can be made by mutual consent and that the expiry date was varied from September 2004 to September 2005.

  • Agencies will need to follow this up with their suppliers to mutually agree to the Variation, where the agency had referred to the HA's expiry date in the subsequent contract with suppliers.
  • Any GITC4-based contracts that agencies have in place should be checked to ensure that the expiry date reflects the contract's service delivery requirements. If this is not the case, a document varying the terms of the contract would need to be drawn up and mutually signed between the agency and supplier.
  • Agencies intending to use GITC4 (including a head agreement) as a basis for an ICT contract should amend paragraph 2 of the HA to suit their individual contract requirements.
  • The above points are provided for under paragraph 8 of the GITC4 HA.

This section of the web site provides access to the GITC Head Agreement. The document is available for viewing in HTML and downloading as Rich Text Format (rtf). If you wish to print this document, please select Download (or print). 

Download (or print) the Head Agreement