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The AgencySearch Service has been managed and funded by the Department of Finance and provided free of charge to agencies since 2005. The service will cease from 12 October 2015, the end of the contract period. This decision was made following a range of research activities which verified that there was no longer a clear business case for a whole of government arrangement.

AgencySearch is a hosted web search service providing high quality, consistent search results for Australian Government websites. Funnelback currently manages this service for Finance as a hosted service, via highly-available, fully redundant, geographically dispersed, Australian-based data centres.

Search index

The Australian Government collection index includes up to 3 million binary and HTML documents from the broader * space, refreshed nightly. Full-text content indexing is provided in addition to indexing of AGLS/Dublin Core metadata.

Agency profiles

‘Profiles’ are created for participating agencies, allowing them to query a segment of this index for use on their own websites. A default, WCAG2-compliant search form is provided for Agency web teams to customise as they see fit.

Ongoing management of a profile is handed over to agency web teams, allowing them to perform:

  • management of best bets and synonyms
  • management of faceted search and contextual navigation options
  • customisation of search form appearance
  • customisation of search result ranking
  • analysis of search behaviour via analytics tools

Example AgencySearch profiles can be seen at:

Contact AgencySearch to request a trial search profile.


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